NexTurn collaborates with a globally adopted cloud computing platform on a Non-Profit Organization Project

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – Non-Profit Organizations are working on the ground level. NexTurn teamed up with a global e-retail giant known for their cloud computing platform on a project with the objective of building a Reporting Platform/Solution for Non-Profit Organizations, (Data pipeline, Datawarehouse, dashboards) and also to process and analyze NGO data to support decision-making and data insights.

  • The data analytics capabilities allow for extracting insights into NGO activities, effectiveness, and societal impact.
  • Automation from file upload to data analysis streamlines the data processing workflow, saving time and effort.
  • Leveraging partner services ensures the system’s scalability to handle increasing NGO data volumes while maintaining reliability.
NexTurn teams up with a global, environmentally focused networking platform

NexTurn serves as a technical partner to develop and deploy the digital platform for a global tribe of professionals, Cleantech / Climate tech startups, and investors solely focused on reducing carbon emissions, on the NexTurn Cloud. The application is being developed using below technologies:

  1. React JS, Material UI for the front-end web development
  2. Springboot, Java 8 for the backend API development
  3. Postgres Database for the data management
  4. Spring Security for the implementation of user authentication
NexTurn works with an Environmental and Regulated Waste management Leader to revolutionize the way we deal with recycling

Camera Automation:

  • NexTurn has achieved a significant milestone with the development of an automation solution using Meraki Cameras and advanced AI/ML models. The system successfully detects safety violations in a client’s warehouse facility, providing timestamped evidence and showcasing the potential of cutting-edge technologies in operations, transportation, logistics, and environmental health and safety initiatives. The project’s primary objective was to deploy AI/ML models on Meraki Cameras and expand the other use cases with non-smart camera devices on Environment Safety and Operations.
  • The project focused on transforming safety operations for a waste processing company by leveraging NexTurn’s vision AI. The team implemented an automation solution using Meraki Cameras and advanced AI/ML models to detect safety breaches in the client’s warehouse. Challenges, including model conversion issues, time zone differences, and limitations of Meraki APIs, were overcome through bespoke engineering and an Agile approach. Despite the hurdles, the successful execution of the project has paved the way for a full-fledged partnership between NexTurn and the waste management company, demonstrating NexTurn’s proficiency in deep learning models and dataset annotation. NexTurn is now expanding the safety-related use cases that could be deployed in Meraki utilizing edge computing. Along with this, Operations use cases such as detecting spillage of Oil, counting of cargo, etc. getting expanded as well using the below technologies.
  1. Tensorflow Object Detection Models for AI models (Python for development).
  2. Mosquitto MQTT Broker for setting up message queue.
  3. SQL Server for the data management.
  4. Microsoft PowerBI for reporting and Dashboards.

CORE Application:

CORE is an application platform that was designed and developed to manage waste streams such as Haz and Non-Haz wastes. During this process, it involves a lot of business objects to perform this recycling at various stages that include from profile creation to Invoicing. There are many billing systems approx. 5 to 7 in place that are developed on various technologies to manage waste streams. Profile Migration from Preview is migrated to CORE followed by a few more key enhancements for business stabilization on locations/sites for business continuity. Data Migration is planned for a few more systems to the CORE application.

  • Microsoft Technologies
  • SQL Server for data management
  • Kafka and Fox Pro

IDP (Intelligent Document Processing):

Clean Earth manages various business processes with collaborative paper flows, governed by internal and external entities. The project’s objective is to establish a centralized document management system, utilizing Azure Blob Storage for document reading, identification, signature capture via Azure Forms Recognizer, and storage in a database. This system aims to extract and publish document data and metadata, syncing with downstream systems. The team explored several technological solutions to address the challenge of managing diverse document processes. This includes:

  • RPA
  • C# libraries
  • Azure Form Analyzer

MDP (Modern Data Platform):

NexTurn is the preferred partner  to construct a powerful Modern Data Platform(MDP) using Databricks, a unified analytics platform based on Apache Spark. This initiative showcases NexTurn’s commitment to revolutionizing data management, analytics, and decision-making processes for our clients.

NexTurn Association with the partner on MDP

In a strategic partnership, NexTurn has successfully implemented Databricks to build a data warehouse tailored for Financial Reporting. This initiative aims to enhance data infrastructure, streamline analytics, and empower waste management business processes with advanced capabilities for data-driven decision-making. NexTurn is leveraging Azure ADF to orchestrate robust data pipelines to connect to disparate data sources such as files, SQL Server, Kafka. Data Ingestion layer built by NexTurn fuels the Medallion layers of Databricks. The analytical output is consumed by end clients in shape of PowerBI Dashboards. MDP is envisioned to become the single source of truth for the organization, laying the foundation of a data fabric.