NexTurn helps to scale up online payments in India

NexTurn has a team of Kubernetes engineers working with an Infra innovation group at the world’s largest retail payments and settlement systems.  The charter of the team is to improve the price-to-performance ratio of the infrastructure and scale it to handle 4-5 Billion transactions per day in the next 2-3 years. Operationally, they are working on moving the complete production environment which handles 800 million transactions a day from VMware to K8S. The NexTurn team is helping our partner with Design, Implementation, Automation, and Day 2 Day operational support of the K8S farm and end-to-end DevOps implementation and support.

NexTurn collaborates with a social-impact driven computer company to build innovations for the disabled

NexTurn serves as a technical partner for a social-impact company with a special focus on providing computer hardware and software solutions that help people with disabilities get a chance at dignified living by employing them for their product and service delivery. We are collaborating on the development of a groundbreaking product named “EONA.” This innovative solution addresses challenges faced by individuals with visual impairments, offering a seamless navigation experience in indoor environments.
EONA leverages mobile sensors such as the gyroscope and accelerometer, combined with advanced AI technologies. The integration of these components enables the identification of optimal navigation paths within indoor spaces. By harnessing the power of sensors and AI, the system ensures a precise and efficient navigation process for users with vision impairments.

The product goes beyond traditional navigation aids by incorporating a conversational chatbot. This interactive feature enhances user experience by providing real-time guidance and information. Through a combination of sensor data, artificial intelligence, and natural language interactions, EONA guides users safely to their destinations, overcoming obstacles and ensuring a secure and autonomous navigation experience.

In essence, EONA represents a cutting-edge solution that blends hardware and AI technologies to empower individuals with visual impairments, offering them greater independence and the ability to navigate indoor spaces with confidence and ease. The collaboration between NexTurn and our partner underscores a commitment to leveraging technology for social impact and inclusivity.