SQL Server DBA

Experience: 8+ Years

Location: Client Location Hyderabad Hi-Tech city- India

Job Description:

  • OLTP and OLAP/DSS database administration expertise
  • Design, code review (query, SPs, etc.), implement, support, maintain databases (& multiple environments), maintain clustered SAN env, document details about DB environment.
  • Secure data, provision user access, tune performance, backup (meet RPO), disaster recovery, implement high availability solutions
  • Administer DB (activities like installation, upgrades, configuration, consolidation, monitoring, tuning, and maintenance
  • Experience in SQL Server 20XXR2 analytic environment
  • Analyze and solve relational and storage engine issues.
  • Data conversion and Server Migrations
  • Automate routine tasks through PowerShell scripts, SQL jobs, task schedule etc.


Required Skills:

  • Alert configuration, tools , Proactive DB monitoring
  • type of indexes in SQL Server
  • Dataguard in SQL Server
  • Primary and secondary databases
  • Disaster recovery
  • High Availability
  • Database mirroring vs Replication

On Premises SQL Servers migration to Azure Database

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