Microservice Architect
Experience: 14+ Years

Job Description:

• Work as part of a project delivery team, you will deliver software solutions for clients.
• Multiple responsibilities, including defining system and application architecture, software implementation, and technical oversight, carefully balancing quality and timeline.
• Architecting Microsoft Azure .NET Solutions across multiple platforms. Performing proof of concepts, coming up with technical solutions to complex problems
• Propose solution architecture in collaboration with other architects, justify/present the architecture in front of architecture board and get approval
• Support in test strategy (Regression, Co-Existence), deployment strategy (strangler pattern), rollout plan (parallel run)
• Implementation (coding) and Delivery of Microsoft Azure .NET projects (full stack development with .NET Core and Angular).
• Documentation of solutions (e.g., architecture, configuration and setup).
• Working within a project management/agile delivery methodology in a leading role as part of a wider team.
• Provide effective knowledge transfer to relevant customer personnel to ensure an appropriate level of future self-sufficiency.
• Technical presentation for key customers and stakeholders.
• Ability to lead nearshore/offshore developers as needed.

• Full stack .NET Development experience
• Direct experience of a range services from the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform including Infrastructure and Security related services such as Azure AD, IaaS, PaaS, Containers, Storage, Monitoring and Security.
• Direct experience of enterprise solution shaping and Microsoft Azure Cloud using a micro-services-based application architecture.
• Experience of setting up, deploying, and managing multiple environments to support agile development approaches.
• Possession of any of Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions, Architecting Microsoft Azure certifications, AWS Solution Architect Certification.
• Deep understanding of coding best practices and modern architectural patterns, including microservices and message-driven architectures.
• Recent hands-on developing / coding role.
• Skilled with DevOps tools and process for productionizing the application.
• NET Core, Angular/React, JavaScript (Bootstrap, jQuery), Entity Framework, RESTful services, SQL Server, etc.
• Problem-solving aptitude
• High Emotional Intelligence (ability to empathize with developer’s, customer’s and stakeholder’s challenges in order to provide effective solutions)
• Strong written and verbal communication
• Strong Business Acumen (ability to articulate how a particular architectural solution aligns with business goals)

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