Machine Learning Analyst

Location: KOP Philadelphia

Job Description:

  • Design and develop business-critical backend systems using stream processors and high-quality data pipelines.
  • Work in a cross-functional team of Machine Learning engineers and Data scientists to design and code large scale batch and real-time data pipelines on the AWS.
  • Assemble large, complex data sets that meet functional / non-functional business requirements.
  • Build the infrastructure required for optimal extraction, transformation, and loading of data from a wide variety of data sources using SQL and AWS ‘big data’ technologies.
  • Build a cloud-native, real-time stream processing & data lake platform that scales into the Zettabytes and beyond.
  • Build analytics tools that utilize the data pipeline to provide actionable insights into customer acquisition, operational efficiency and other key business performance metrics.
  • Perform code reviews, and lead by example on code refactoring for readability, extensibility, and testability
  • Lead your products, with a focus on DevOps and robust automation
  • Perform root cause analysis on external and internal processes and data to identify opportunities for improvement and answer questions
  • Build processes that support data transformation, workload management, data structures, dependency and metadata
  • Develop AutoML infrastructure for model selection and hyperparameter tuning.
  • Adopt change, always open to replacing what you built yesterday with something better today.

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